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What I'll always stand for:

  • Leading with equity, diversity and inclusion. Always.

  • Access to reproductive and gender affirming healthcare no matter where your contract takes you.

  • Open Access! We're a labor union, not a private club.

  • Safety in the workplace. This includes injury and harassment prevention.

  • Asking for transparency...on where our dues go, on what's being presented at the bargaining table, on road to recoupment, on overages, on how councilors vote upon ratification...if we want to build a greater trust between the membership and governance, we MUST be transparent.


The agreements I have the most experience with:

  • Production (Disney - Tier C)

  • Touring Agreement (Level 3)

  • Special Agreement (Broadway)

  • LORT

  • COST

  • Various LOAs

  • Showcase Code

Auditioning is "the job" too! As a member that actively auditions in NY, it is clear that the current EPA signup system isn't working. The virtual line doesn't have the capacity for the amount of members that need to use it. ECC holding rooms have become a stampede. How are we asking 200+ members that sign up for a chorus call to gather in a single room meant for 50 people to hear their names called? Together, lets brainstorm new ideas in the interest of efficiency and safety!


For two years, most of my time has be spent with tracking sheets and Stage Write. The pandemic affirmed the importance of swings, standbys, vacation swings and understudies more than ever. This goes for stage management coverage too! Swings deserve fair wages and protections. Lets continue to get more coverage requirements on smaller agreements outside of Production and Touring! I'm against the toxic "show must go on" mentality, because the show CAN go on with proper coverage that is rehearsed and fairly compensated.


I've learned how powerful a mobilized group can be through my work on action teams and on the Touring Committee. When a membership is engaged and mobilized, a union can function at its greatest potential. To increase engagement, we need to improve communication between government and the membership. Information should be accessible and digestible.

Multiple agreements including Production, Touring and LORT will be up for renegotiation while our newly elected councilors are seated. It is vital for our council to increase communication with members working these agreements to fully understand what we need to gain at the bargaining table.

Got a question? A bold idea? Lets chat and work together!

Thanks for submitting!

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I'm running with a fantastic group of candidates from across the country who share similar values and goals for the future of our council. 

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